History of Video Poker
It may seem that video poker is a relatively new invention, but, in fact, it is one of the oldest forms of gambling. Its modern incarnation of the network remains as popular as it is video poker machines in land-based casinos in their time.

The origin of video poker Believe it or not, video poker, to some extent, originated long before the advent of slot machines. The first video poker machine was designed Sittmanom and Pitt in the New York area Brooklyn in 1981 and contained the card images printed on the five reels. The machine is driven jerk lever after what appeared on the screen combination of cards, upon which prizes. Perhaps it was this "prehistoric" machine and the inspiration for the video slots.

Period 70s - the time of origin of the video poker, this how it knows the current generation. It all started with the release of the first video poker machines Poker-Matic by Dale Electronics in the 1970m year. Despite the fact that initially the players reacted to this event without much enthusiasm because of distrust of the electronic mechanism, the public gradually realized the benefits of electronic inventions, and this had a positive impact on the popularity of video poker. By the early 80s, video poker machines can already be found in almost all casinos, and at that time the game has been added to trump cards such as Joker and Deuces Wild, which greatly increased the excitement around the video poker. These machines allow players to enjoy all the pleasures of poker without having to compete with other players gained crazy popularity and brought huge casino revenue.

In 1994, MicroGaming was the first company has released a network option videopokernogo machine, not counting the many other games of chance. Video poker proved not difficult to adjust to network format, since the functions in video poker are the same regardless of whether the network is a game or not. Modern virtual machines videopokernye offer players a few games to choose from, including machines with progressive jackpots that reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. This, however, does not mean that real videopokernye stop producing machines. Anyone can go to the nearest casino with confidence, that will always be able to try their luck for one of several machines videopokernyh somewhere between the rows with a "one-armed bandits" and the tables. Booming real poker casino is now seeking to lure as many curious visitors to its videopokernym machines, as the latter bring much more revenue than the classic game. If you know how to play traditional poker, video poker and then you will be on the shoulder. Even if you do not play in the classic poker, all you need to play video poker - a brief reminder of the rules and card combinations. When you decide to play, go to any casino and enjoy an exciting game of video poker.

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