Online Pai Gow Poker
Playing the game.Before you start distributing the player must make a bet. The amount of interest can be anything, but do not go beyond the established gambling site limit (usually $ 1 to $ 300). Once the chips were on the betting, the dealer puts on the table two cards.

Open the card are connectors (eg, 3-4, 8-7, AK). The game is automatically terminated because this combination is considered a draw. The bet is returned to the player and a new hand. Open the card are a pair (for example, 4-4, TT, QQ). The player's third card is issued. If it will be the same value as the previous two, the player gets the maximum benefit possible in the Red Dog: its rate of multiplication ratio 11 to 1. If the third card does not form a trio, is declared a draw and the bet is simply returned to the player.

Open the card are neither connectors nor pair (for example, 94, 52, A6). It is the most common variant of the hand. According to the rules of Red Dog Poker, in this case on the table illuminated digital difference between the nominal values ??of the two cards. This figure is equal to the number of ratings that fall into the interval between the received player cards (for example, between nine and jack - 1, between the king and six - 6). Once a player gets an opportunity to increase your bet or continue to play with the existing rate. In any case, the dealer opens a third card. If the value of the open card is placed into the specified interval, the player wins. If you do not fit - the victory goes to the casino. If the third card is turned face value of one of the first two cards, the player also recognized loser.

Winning bet pays according to the table of coefficients of bonus that is displayed on the virtual craps table. The specific ratio depends on the size of the interval, as well as how close the third card to lay a card previously opened. Usually, the rate is multiplied by 1: 1 to 5: 1. Optimal Poker Red Dog strategy is quite simple. After the game the player takes only one solution, otherwise the drawing takes place automatically.

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