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Roulette popular casino game that many players firmly associated with risk, excitement and luxury. Roulette is characterized by simple rules, availability, and a good chance of winning player (in any case, the house edge in roulette is lower than in slot machines).

The exact origin of roulette is unknown. As the most likely countries, where the first prototype of this game was born, called France and China. One legend contends that invented the roulette mathematician B. Pascal, fully developed system of this game. Is it true you can only guess. The word «roulette» is of French origin and means "small wheel". In the XIX century, Roulette has become one of the most popular games, beating not only the whole of Europe, but most US casinos. The game consists of a gaming table, wheels and chips (chips). The aim of the game extremely simple: win as much money by making the right bets at the various positions. is possible to set a specific number on red or black, odd or even, on a separate group numbers (e.g., the first 18, second 18).Before the end of betting the dealer runs the ball in the opposite direction of rotation roulette. Fall ball in one of the cells means the end of the round, then all losing bets are taken in favor of the casino and starts payment of winnings.

Type of game table and wheel is slightly different depending on the version of roulette. For example, in American roulette one cell more (added sector "00" - double zero), and the table is much smaller than its direct competitor - the French roulette. As a rule, the game roulette does not require special training or any special skills, but the rules still need to know. It is important to understand the nuances of a particular variation of the game, navigate the differences and be able to choose the right strategy and so on. Clear and thorough approach to the game will increase your chances of winning and avoid annoying errors.

Remember that absolutely universal winning strategy does not exist. Online you can find many sentences in which crooks for a fee offer to share "experience", but it is nothing more than a cheap trick, which aims - to entice you as much money . About real strategy, which, although not guarantee a perfect result, but does increase the chances of a positive outcome of the game, we'll talk in other articles.

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