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Slot machines, slotsYou want to fight with fortune alone? So to win it all at once and immediately, having spent a minimum of time and money? Then you need to try your hand at playing the classic slot machines, which have long been considered mainstream self-respecting online casino.In fact, the game for them is as simple as throwing a coin into the air. You are out or tails or heads. In an extreme case, a coin can stand on the edge and it will be the jackpot in every sense of the word. However, you should understand that your chances of winning is still not 50 to 50. And even if sim slot machine is programmed to a winning percentage of 90-95, it does not guarantee you a successful game. No luck here can not do.

And to make it easier, our experts evaluated the existing types of "armed bandits", gave an overview of the most common and interesting ones. It remains only to choose which devices you more attractive - the classic "old school" with three reels, or modern with lots of lines and game variations. Now sit back, and we'll tell you everything we know about the game on the slot machines.

Without going too much into the history of the emergence of the first slot machines, say that they were born in America in the late 19th century, presenting a classic box with three reels. Not really changing the game in principle, mechanical reels were replaced by electronic only in the 60s of the last century, and the curtain century appeared on the Internet and the first emulators slot machines. And if in the real casinos flight thoughts creators of "armed bandits" was still limited, transfer them to the online space has inspired many wonderful games. Read more about slots can be found in our special section below.

However, in the main for its nearly one hundred and fifty years of existence, they have remained unchanged. The same principle of operation - pull the lever and hope that the three cherished "bell" will fall in front of you in line, and make you richer and happier. How does this happen? We have already talked about that honestly programmed simulator game machine should give at least 80-90 per cent of the invested money back.

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