Variants Of Poker
At the river, it is recommended to use the bluff rather than the semi-bluff. If your game is terrible, you need to restart to win instantly at In addition, if you are re-raised after your recovery, you know what to expect and you can sleep easily. By cons, if your game is through, doing nothing, you have some chances to win instantly. If you are wedged in reviving once again, you risk losing everything.

At the end of the game the player and the dealer compare hands of 5 cards. So you understand that the goal is to beat the dealer (the bank). Stud can be played with a hand of 5 cards or 7 cards all depends casinos or circles, but in France the most hands consist of 5 cards.

Just like poker, you can play alone against the bank or on several other tables, with the peculiarity that in this game you can have a table and you can not "normally, or communicate with your neighbor, or see his game. "

So at the beginning as Blackjack, we focus before the cards on the box "Ante" included in the minimum and maximum allowed by the table. The dealer deals one card for each hand, face down, from the left and following the direction of clockwise. At the end of the prayer tower, it gives a map. It performs four other towers, always in the same order, handing a card to each hand and one to himself.

The cards are in all cases, distributed face hidden except the 5th card of the dealer is exposed visible figure. Card values are the same as for a closed poker for example. It is only at the end of the deal that the players are aware of their hand and decide to abandon or resume, after having established the height of the game If waives the player announces "pass".

In case of recovery, the player places double his initial bet in the box marked "stimulus" and laying his cards. Once the recovery made, the dealer exposes his 5 card visible to the players. If the dealer's hand does not have a minimum of AS-ROI in hand, he says "no games" and remorse the player's initial bet.
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