Online Bingo Game
Bingo, like many casino games on our site is primarily a game of chance. To summarize in a few words, numbers are drawn at random and players called attention should compare these numbers with those on special cards (or, more exactly on the 5 x 5 tables that are printed) they have purchased before. The first player who manages to bring a certain type of figure on one of his cards from dialed numbers, must yell "Bingo!" and he won!

At the beginning of the game each player - there may be hundreds - receives a card (or several) with a grid that contains numbers. Each card is unique: the numbers are always different. The bingo cards are purchased in advance and numbers present on these cards are placed in 5 x 5 grid corresponding to the five letters in the word BINGO.

The organizer announced at the beginning of the game type combination to win then he (or another) begins to select numbers at random (from a hollow vessel, usually shaped transparent ball - once fired, the number is set aside and can not be used).

Players must listen to the number drawn, through their (s) card (s) to see if it matches a number that is present and, if this is the case, check the card. In fact, the only talent to this game is that you can browse the card as soon as possible to prepare to be the first to shout "Bingo!" if the next number is correct.

The draw at random numbers continues until a player form the combination determined at baseline and declare. Combinations can vary greatly but the most popular are: one line, two lines (one or two lines of the grid with numbers selections completed) or full screen.

It's called Full House, Full Card, or Blackout Cover Out (when all the numbers in the card players are checked). The organizers, however, are sometimes more creative in terms of combinations required (they can, for example, ask combinations forming a letter or object). In Belgium, bingo is a true classic, a popular game that is found in tobacco bars and cafes. The goal is to get a line of figures that follow, with 5 balls on one of the cards you have (between 2 and 6), and an 26-hole board.
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