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Online roulette is certainly one of the casino games are among the most popular if not the most popular! Very present in the minds of players and even those who have never set foot in a casino, roulette is undoubtedly part of its success to all the excitement generated when turning the wheel. Time seems to be suspended until the famous ball eventually stop on a number and color.

If we had one day said to Blasé Pascal, who in 1655 invented his concept for his work on the probabilities that the tool would become a game played by millions of players all day and night! (For more, see our page on the History of Roulette.

After all, you're absolutely right to know his name without knowing what it is! Simple: a wheel, a ball, 37 boxes, and make a bet on the number (or a group of numbers) to be released, it will be odd or even, color, etc.

Most games are easy and fun to play especially when you get free tips for online casino players.

Bet on a number or a color in itself is not very complicated. The first thing you need to worry about instead is the minimum and maximum allowed set by the casino where you play. Note that these are minimums and maximums vary depending on the types of Paris, divided between "inside bets" and "outside bets".

The maxima in this respect will always lower on the "inside" as the payment rate is higher. The other difference between "inside" and "outside" bets, is that in the first case example, you can distribute 5 € 5 € 1 Paris in different parts of the game table, while in the second you can place a bet of € 5.

Attention to the margin of the casino at roulette consistently high. The casino pays on losing bets, and the fact that he pays 35 times the bet for a good bet on a single number, while there are 37 boxes.

To "absorb" the best that margin, playing on a busy table: you can enjoy more "spins" (wheel revolutions) per hour. Note that if multiple tokens are already on the box you want to bet, that does not change, nor your winnings or your chances of winning!

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