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Remember above all that Baccarat is a game relatively famous often mentioned in British and American literature after the war. It is thus present in the first book of the adventures of James Bond, published in 1953, and in several of his film adaptations, as Dr. No, Thunder ball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and, more recently, Golden Eye.

Many consider this dimension "glamour" of Baccarat developed by the James Bond movies is one reason for the growing popularity of this game. There is also a version of "minimalist" Baccarat, "mini" Baccarat. In this variant, which plays so much faster one dealer deals the cards and put (maximum and minimum) are generally much smaller. This version is widespread outside of Las Vegas, and more on online casinos.

Unlike Blackjack, Baccarat players do not have to make decisions during the game but only before the cards are placed on the table. They can build on three scenarios: the banker or the player for a tie.

Baccarat, the dealer deals four cards, two for the bank (also called the house) and two for the player. If the total of the cards of the two, or both, reach 8 or 9, it is called a "natural" in English and no more cards are dealt.

If total points are equal between the bank and the player is equal. The situation is more complicated when the total of the cards of the player and the house can not or equal to a "natural". In this case, an additional card is dealt to each according to the rules described below. Slot machines are also a famous casino game.

If the player's cards total is 6 or more, it stops there, receiving no additional card. But if the total is 5 or less, the player inherits an additional card. If the hand of the house is 7 or more, it stops there but if it is 0, 1 or 2, it must take an additional card. The potential gains are easy to understand and calculate. If you bet on a winning hand of the player, you will receive 1 to 1, that is to say the equivalent of your original bet. If you bet on a winning hand of the house, you will also receive your original bet. If you bet on a tie, the winnings will be eight times your original bet.
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