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Roulette is the favorite casino game of the French see the little ball run and stop on your lucky number generates intense emotions and full of suspense. The game of roulette has the advantage of being playable immediately: you do not need to know the probabilities by heart or learn obscure rules, just run the ball and have fun!

However, if you are a beginner at roulette and online casino, we recommend you try the free roulette. Playing free roulette online, you are sure to find all the excitement of roulette, and without risk.

Two methods exist. Firstly, most online casinos offer a flash version of the casino games. They give you the opportunity to play from your browser without downloading any software. A few clicks without waiting for you to indulge in online roulette flash.

In addition, bonus casinos are also another way to test the roulette game free online. Simply deposit a certain sum of money to receive your bonus, with which you can play free roulette.

Roulette in its free form is the best way to have fun without putting your bankroll at stake all your potential losses are virtual. In addition, if you know roulette systems such as the Martingale, or other strategies, free roulette allows you to implement these systems and why not win every time or almost!

As you can check, play a single number gives you a chance against 35 1. As we have already mentioned, the wheel should statistically 38 times to turn that number so. This is where the house edge is higher. 2/38 throws go directly into the pocket of the casino, which is equivalent to a margin of 5.26%.

Attention! Note that the probabilities above apply only to American roulette, the European with no double zero, which is more advantageous to the player. Again, if possible, choose a table! Go to our Roulette - Strategy for advice of this type. Then it will be up to you to choose what you want to bet. The possibilities are many and varied at roulette.
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